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Qenko, Peru

Qenko, Peru

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Q’enko is located near Saqsaywaman in Peru, above Cuzco.  It is a small but extremely fascinating cave like site harboring many stories.  It is considered a ceremonial site dating back way before the Inca. 

2.5 X 3.3' 
Oil on Canvas 

Located in the area of Saqsaywaman, above the city of Cuzco, Peru, this mysterious cave comprised of a small but intricate network of underground passageways. A stone altar rests in the center of the main passageway.  The uses of this unique stone temple have been widely debated to include, ritual, sacrifice and ceremony.  The image I have painted illuminates some of the unseen aspects of the site, what is now invisible but may exist in another dimension or time. 

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