About Luminous

Artist Bio

Luminous began honing her painting skills as a teenager and attended the New School for Social Research and Pratt in New York studying psychology, philosophy and comparative religions. She went on to become an art dealer of 18th-20th Century European and American Paintings in NYC. After a decade-long successful career as an art dealer, she moved West and graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with degrees in Painting and Performance/Video. 

She was fortunate to study under San Tchakalian, Carlos Villa, Franklin Williams, Wally Hedrick, Paul Kos and Robert Colescott among others.

In over 500 works she speaks of inner worlds, hidden histories, archaeological and sacred places and unseen dimensions. Her current work depicts views of Earth as it might be glimpsed through dimensions from distant galaxies – or from the unique universe of each viewer.

Artist Statement

During 2023 her work has received international attention, exhibited at ARTEXPO Basel; Finity Gallery in Berlin; Thomson Gallery in Zug,Switzerland; Cipriarte Venezia Gallery in Venice, Italy;  Casa Del Arte. Palma de Mallorca, Spain and Nicoleta gallery, Berlin.

Her painting, Desert Solitaire, won a contest to be exhibited at Thomson Gallery, Zug Switzerland in August and September this year. 

“Star Systems” and “Heaven and Earth” have been accepted at the Florence Biennale in Florence Italy taking place from October 13-23, 2023.